Friday, March 2, 2012

Thaler and Hansen take up prompted choice for organ donation in Denmark

Prompted choice in US and UK 
Contrary to what is often thought by commentators Thaler and Sunstein argues for prompted choice for registering for organ donation in Nudge: Improving decision on health, wealth and happiness - not presumed consent.

As Thaler and Sunstein reports inprompted choice has already been introduced with success in Illinois, US.
Since then Thaler has been advisor for the UK Behavioral Insight Team (the so-called "Nudge-unit") - a collaboration that led to the introduction on prompted choice in the UK last year.

In a recent OPC in The American Journal of Bioethics titled 'Getting the purpose of mandated choice wrong: Is Increasing Supply of Donated Cadaver Organs really what we want to nudge?' I've defended prompted choice against criticism suggested by Whyte et al. supporting presumed consent (see paper here).

Prompted choice in Denmark?
Against this background it was only a natural next step that we... read the rest here.

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