Friday, October 28, 2011

Interview with Richard Thaler and Guldborg Hansen

By Pelle Guldborg Hansen

Yesterday, The Engineer - a newspaper with approx. 60.000 subscribers (mostly engineers for some odd reason!) - featured a long article about nudging. The article incorporates and is based on an interview with Prof. Richard Thaler (Chicago Booth) and Pelle Guldborg Hansen (Co-Director of ISSP and Chairman of the Danish Nudging Network) given Oct. 22 - the day after Prof. Thaler's ISSP Public Lecture about nudging held at Metropol.

The article is written by Robin Engelhard who is a highly respected science journalist in Denmark. The interview shows why Robin Engelhardt is highly respected - it is both sound, critical and balanced.

If you know how to read Danish (or just how to use google translate), but don't subscribe to The Engineer you may read the unedited edition of the article at Robin's Depot.

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