Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nudge: The post of posts

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There's a lot of good (and bad) posts on nudging out there. This post tries to keep you updated on the most serious ones.

Behavioral Economics Foils an Obama Tax Cut?
Nov. 10. 2011. New research finds that a trendy economic theory backfired on the Obama Administration. Or did it? By Drake Bennett, Bloomberg Businessweek.

'Nudge' policies are another name for coercion
Nov. 9. 2011. A really bad article by Henry Farrell and Cosma Shalizi in the otherwise credible New Scientist. We're still wondering how it passed. Further, New Scientist doesn't seem to want a response to it!

Does Nudge require regulators to be "more rational" than consumers?
Nov. 8. 2011. A great post from Leigh Caldwell on his blog "Knowing and making" about an issue raisedby amongst others the Wall Street Journal review on Kahneman's "Thinking fast and slow" (below). 

Daniel Kahneman’s Politics
Oct. 28. 2011. The Wall Street Journal. Post on Kahneman's comments in his new book "Thinking fast and slow" on Thaler and Sunstein's Libertarian Paternalism.

Nudge unit: How the Government wants to change the way we think
Jan. 3. 2011. Belfast Telegraph. Martin Hickman lifts the lid on the secret Whitehall policy unit dreaming up psychological tricks to alter our behaviour.

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